How to Preparing Your Yard For A Cold Winter

As summer comes to a close, many homeowners begin to look ahead to the colder months. Unpacking sweaters they may have stored and bringing out their coat racks to fill with scarves and mittens. For many of us, winter presents blustery cold conditions, keeping us inside our cozy homes for the next few months.

But before you get ready to hibernate indoors, take care of what’s outside first. You’ve likely put a lot of time and thought into your landscaping around the home. If not prepared, the frosty temperatures can destroy the spring blooms you anticipate every year. So take advantage of a sunny fall day and prepare your yard for a cold winter with these tips.

If you’re ready to get started on your lawn care, contact a pro today for up to four free quotes from landscaping contractors in your area.

Clean Up
Fall is a beautiful time of year when you’re able to see leaves in a variety of warm hues. As beautiful as it is, eventually, those leaves will end up in your lawn. At first, it’s fine to continue mowing over them, as it turns to mulch and provides added nutrients to your lawn. But, once the leaves become too much to mow over, you must rake them up.

Another thing you should clean and store for the winter months is any lawn furniture you’ve enjoyed in the summer. Leaving them out in the winter elements can change their appearance and ruin any finishes on them. This is especially true for wood furniture. Store away in a shed or garage until you’re ready to use again next year.

Prep Your Water System
Winter weather can have a terrible effect on your outdoor water systems and features. Make sure all the water is shut off, hoses unattached and put away. If you have a rain barrel, you’ll want to drain that for the winter as water can freeze and damage the barrel.

This is also a great time to clean out your gutters. It’s recommended that gutters are cleaned at least twice a year and it’s important to go into the winter months with a clean gutter to prevent any damage.

The last day you mow for the year depends on the climate you live in. Ideally, you’ll want to stop mowing after the first fall frost. You can look up the prediction for your area using the Farmer’s Almanac to better plan your last mow. Use the lowest setting on your lawn mower the last few times you cut the grass.

You also may want to consider applying a winter fertilizer to your grass to give it an extra boost for the spring.

An important, but often forgotten aspect about lawn care task is aeration. This creates small holes in your lawn to allow nutrients to get into the ground and refresh your grass. Fall is an ideal time to do this task, because your lawn needs time to soak in the nutrients and regrow without disturbance. To aerate your yard, you can do this yourself by renting a machine or purchasing special shoes that allow you to do this task while walking around your lawn. For larger lawns, it’s best to contact a pro who has the right tools to help.

Protect Your Perennials

Your beautiful flowers that were a delight this summer now need proper care to bloom again next year. First, you should know what flowers are perennials and annuals. Annuals, unless they are self-seeding, need to be pulled up as they will not come back the next year.

However, perennial flowers should be expected to return the next year, if you have cared for them properly during the season. But to ensure they bloom the next year, you’ll want to protect them from the snow and cold. Add extra mulch around them after the first frost and cut them back to allow for new flowers to bloom in the spring.

Garden Prep
If you have a fruit and vegetable garden, winterizing it gives you a start to the best produce the following year. As wonderful as your garden has been this year, it’s now time to remove any plants that are done growing. Pests can inhabit old plants during the late-fall months and potentially ruin your garden the following year. Remove any weeds you see as well.

Now that the season has ended, consider having your soil tested. This way, you’ll know the pH levels and nutrients that are in your soil to determine what plants will thrive next year.

Plan Ahead
Now that your yard is winterized, you have a few months to consider how you want your landscaping to look next season. Plan out any major projects you’d like to complete like installing a water feature or flowerbed. If you have a garden or intend to plant new flowers, this is an important step because many need to be planted at a specific time of year. Be aware so you don’t plant a late-summer flower in early spring.

Plant For Spring
You may be surprised to hear that there actually is some planting to be done in the fall months. Spring bulbs and shrubs are best planted in the fall, before the first frost. This will give them time to grow and flowers ready to bloom as the weather begins to change in the spring.

Shouls You Know About Garden Art

Any gardener will tell you that the best gardens usually involve the placing of “garden bones.” Garden bones are more permanent structures that you build the rest of your garden around. This can be something as organic as evergreen trees or as stylized as metal garden art. Of course, garden art can function as more than just the framing structure for your garden. It can provide you with a place to sit or lounge as you enjoy your garden or simply enhance the stroll through your backyard.

Custom Garden Art

You may have a very specific idea of what you want. Garden styles are various and prescriptive, and by the time you add your own touch to the appearance of your garden, you may have trouble finding what you’re looking for. It may not occur to you, but contractors are out there who specialize in customized decorative pieces for your home. You can tell them the material you want and the design you want and they can make it for you. Depending on what you want, you may have to pay a premium price, but if you’re working within a budget, the contractor may have suggestions to produce something similar within your price range.

Use Recycled Items for Garden Art

Recycled items may not be the first thing that comes to your mind for garden art, and admittedly, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garden on a truly limited budget, this may be the way to do it. Old newspapers or soda cans aren’t going to work, but any number of household items can be reused as garden art long after they’ve worn out their welcome indoors. Old furniture, especially unique coffee tables, storage cabinets, or baby cribs, can be garden gems. Plus, you’d be surprised how your old bathtub can be transformed into a beautiful piece of garden art. Even though newspaper doesn’t last and has no particular visual appeal, other household items such as old clothes, book covers, or other flat items of possible sentimental or aesthetic value can make for one amazing scarecrow.

Garden Art Alternatives

Garden art can be almost anything, even when it’s not called garden art. Garden furniture, most commonly benches but also tables and chairs, is great for livening up your garden with an artist’s touch. Trellises or other walkway coverings are an ideal way to create a secluded, romantic atmosphere to your garden. Birdbaths, bat houses, and other artificial wildlife habitats can be just as decorative as any other piece of art and are just as integral as the flowers you plant to create a wildlife garden.

Metal Garden Art

Metal may seem like a strange material to include in your garden, but it offers a flexibility and affordability that few other materials can. Be it a classic wrought iron bench or gate, or a more custom metal sculpture, you’re bound to find some piece of metal garden art that will greatly enhance the look of an outdoor space. Metal fabricators can create a wide variety of customized metal garden art, including animal sculptures and other complicated and decorative designs. For larger garden items, such as gazebos, a metal like aluminum may be the only way to make the project feasible, as it is a lot cheaper (and more durable) than wood.

More Information About X-Rated Yards

When people hear the words “desert landscaping” they immediately imagine cacti, driftwood, tumbleweeds, and a bunch of concrete. This is called zero-scaping, and though it is certainly an option that requires no maintenance, it is also a bit of a downer because there’s no personality to it. Just because you live in a dry climate and want to conserve water doesn’t mean your yard can’t be full of life. You want to embrace your natural setting while still retaining some color and foliage along the way.

Therefore, xeriscaping has become a very popular choice among homeowners. It literally translates from Greek as “dry scene” (xeriscape), and it helps to conserve water and energy by allowing a yard to match its natural landscape and climate. Why live in the desert and try to make your lawn look like a forest? Instead, embrace and showcase the setting.

Less Maintenance, More Savings

Though water conservation is one of the main benefits of xeriscaping, a lot of financial advantages can be reaped from this landscape as well. One of the biggest reasons to invest in “dry design” is not only because it is environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing, but it also brings you big savings. You no longer have to fight the climate and force your lawn to act unnaturally. By giving into the landscape itself, you’re on the winning side of a losing battle. Preserving water isn’t just a smart thing to do; it saves you money on bills. You also don’t have to fertilize as much. There is less of a need for pest control and expensive chemicals. There will be less maintenance, less pruning, and no more wasteful trimmings. All of this will help save the environment while saving you time, effort, and money.


But, in order for it to be successful, there are certain preparations that need to be made. You’ll probably need to work with a professional landscaper to get it done right the first time, but here are some things to always keep in mind.

First, any quality xeriscaping will need the right kinds of plants. Typically, these are native species that require less water and can withstand the heat. Although you want drought-tolerant plants, it doesn’t mean they all have to be cactus and yucca. In fact, there are many types of tough desert lawns, turfs, and flowers that grow bright and colorful. Buy plants that can be deeply rooted and are bred to endure harsh climates. Also, as you install your vegetation, make sure that you plant in groupings for better water efficiency.

Water Conservation

Conserving water is important, whether it’s your choice or the government’s. Buying plants that require less moisture will help, but there are other ways to preserve as well. First, try to invest in a drip-irrigation system. This sprinkler system runs along pipes throughout your lawn and slowly drips water directly onto the vegetation. It acts as a gentle rainfall or a dewy morning. This not only cuts down on wasteful inaccuracy (no need to water your home’s siding and driveway) and over-watering, it also prevents immediate evaporation into the air by high winds. But if you do use traditional sprinklers, make sure to water in the mornings or evenings when the soil is more primed to soak up moisture.

Soil Conservation

Desert soil is naturally impervious to water conservation. It quickly soaks it up, dries it out, and lifts if back into the atmosphere. An easy solution is mulching as much as possible. It cools off the ground, holds water, and cuts down on energy bills and maintenance costs. But you can also plan bigger projects, such as re-structuring your soil so that plants can retain any moisture for a longer period of time. It’s not easy, nor cheap, but once you’ve put time and energy into the initial investment, you’ll get a return on your money in no time.

One Last Tip

Though xeriscaping is a very popular trend in dry climates (such as the West and Southwest) it may not be as common or successful in other areas of the country. Therefore, check with your neighbors and homeowner’s association to see if this re-design is allowed. But even if desert landscaping itself isn’t permitted, the philosophy behind the design is still applicable. If you live in the Midwest or Northeast, match your yard to fit your region’s natural landscape and climate. Succumbing to the natural world, no matter where you live, will lead to less work and bigger savings.

Live in Comfort with a Magnificently Embellished Home

Have you actually set foot into a home that is without virtually all character? For many people it’s a deal breaker. Think about discovering a flat wherein the room decoration is made from pallets and cardboard boxes. That may be fine for some people, but for many of shrewd preferences, it is not even close to tolerable. You prefer a bit of luxury. Right after doing work for long stressful days, you like returning to a house of designer furniture from Pure Interior. There is certainly nothing at all like kicking off ones own sneakers and then plopping down on a lavish couch in the room that is carefully made up of high quality furniture.

Redecorating your own apartment with luxury furniture from Pure Interior is one of the best methods to make sure your home will be prepared using the best quality home furniture available. You’ll find flexible designs for just about every single furnishings and individual tastes. Thus despite whatever enables you to comfortable, you will definitely find out it with furnishings series for almost any living room – and even every single area. If it is elegant leather or even a luxurious couch to sink into after having a stressful day, you may believe it is if you allow meticulously picked makers help you embellish your home.

Facts to Consider If It Is Time for a New Roof

Winter is around the corner, bring with it its frigid cold, ice/snow. Have you really granted much consideration of late to that which keeps your residence hot as well as dry through the winter months, defending all that lies within? Your current house’s roof structure accomplishes this, but will does a much better job with normal interest. When your shingled roof top will be missing out on tiles, features a collection of tar coated granules in its rain gutters, or perhaps is appearing fairly tattered, the chances are it really is ready to get an examination, or even a reroofing job. The importance of being sure that your home receives a new roof in Bucks County in a timely manner may not be over-emphasized

If your roof structure is actually forgotten, water sooner or later will find its way to penetrate the roof, and that is certainly the moment that the homeowner’s actual difficulties start, for water that permeates the top can result in physical damage along with visual damage as well as lead to the devastation involving the very property the roof should defend. If your roof has long been there for as long as you are able to remember, or if you actually have no idea of precisely how old it might be, get in touch with a roofing company in Bucks County so they can come and give it a look-see as soon as possible.

Just How to Get the Ooh-La-La Bathroom You’ve Always Thought of Having

Everyone, ladies in particular, love to drool over lavish restrooms. This almost certainly can help to clarify precisely why you can find television programs, complete courses plus publications devoted to the topic. You will even find classes currently being taught for the essentials associated with bathroom upgrading every single Saturday morning at big box merchants around the world. Smart women that have a DIY leaning flock to learn exactly how they, too, can have the lavatory associated with their particular ambitions without the need to spend a lot. They’ve spent weeks if not several weeks upon Pinterest, checking out the various bathroom ideas that are available, they understand what they need plus they are prepared to try to get it. Several have a very good master bathroom/spa that will require a do-over, several a guest bath plus some just powder room. One important thing all have in accordance nonetheless, could be the requirement to start looking regarding bathroom vanities, simply because this will likely function as a bathroom’s focal point.

There exists much to take into consideration if 1st deciding exactly what can be done for any provided lavatory. Initially, needless to say, is your finances. Within just its restrictions, you need to then consider this kind of options that come with the space as the flooring itself, wall surface coloring, whether any walls or maybe fittings (bath, shower, toilet, sink) should be shifted, illumination, style and decoration, and much more. Will you be likely to switch the bathroom vanity cabinets? Generally, it will be the purpose of the space that decides the money and also energy you are prepared to devote to it. As an example, some may be normally happy to invest much more on a master bathroom, than on a powder room or guest bathroom.

Among the finest ways to get a unique appearance with any kind of bathroom is usually to install one of the fresh bathroom vanities with tops which are tailored for an individual’s tastes. By way of example, anyone may well want a Corian top whilst one more might want stainless steel or even sealed wood. The dimensions of the actual vanity is often determined through the dimensions of the lavatory itself. All the types of vanities right now range from ultra chic plus modern-day in look to old-fashioned and classic. In addition, you will have to choose your faucet and also sink, and then always be forewarned, sink alternatives nowadays are generally stupendous.

Save Money Over Time by Investing in a Metal Roof on Your Home

There is no doubt that a roof structure shields the dwelling. That home is a retreat for most people. It can be their safe place as well as their largest purchase. It truly is where the family group will develop and lives definitely will adjust. It’s also most significant pieces of a house that is certainly taken for granted. In case a roof structure is not repeatedly checked out then it will be able to damage the home. One day you can look upward throughout a rainstorm and discover water stains around the ceiling. Maybe a fantastic storm might take tiles off making the rooftop to be vulnerable to potential harm. It’s so vital for go on your roof now and then. If you need to realize that you need to have brand new roofing then make for sure you talk to a trustworthy roofing company.

This might be the time period to take into consideration changing your roofing from one that’s shingled with conventional shingles to one composed of metal sheets. Metal roofs cost a lot more when compared with traditional roofs. However, they also are more durable, sturdier and last a lot longer. To put it briefly, they pay for themselves. A roofer is able to assess the rooftop and enable you to know whether a metal roof structure is useful for your home. They are available in many different hues so complementing won’t be an issue. You need to definitely check out sheet metal roofs for your dwelling.

Precisely What Is Erroneous with Everyday Living in the 21st Century and What You Can Do Concerning It

Do you desire to discover the real understatement in the hundred years? Contemporary life is definitely difficult! Actually, a number of authorities regarding the modern-day, Internet aided 21st century society speculate that inside extremely certain techniques, living on earth has never recently been far more stress filled than it really is today. Many times, it looks traitorous for you to perhaps speak the idea, although truthfully, much of the current technology that we are told enhances our everyday life actually is accountable for much of the anxiety we feel. In the entire world where by an individual’s capacity to multi-task might well be their particular most treasured ability, and then in which the emails by no means stop emerging, phones never stop ringing, singing, and also vibrating, and also social media marketing features a sorry habit of accepting a use of its own, the ability to relate to other people naturally as well as to merely breathe and be still and be is actually all but an unexpected displaced art.

It is a difficulty that wont fix itself. Before the situation may enhance for anyone, aside from pertaining to modern society in general, it is actually first, essential that folks resolve to be able to retrieve what they’ve already lost – the authority to achieve one thing at a time, and then to undertake it very well, to truy focus fully about the particular instant for the higher part of their days, and then to have regular, non-stressed, face-to-face interactions using friends and also co-workers. Right here is a media flash: it is actually intending to take both time and commitment. It’s not at all, nevertheless, an impossible aim. If perhaps an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) would immediately remove our own power-grid, we might turn out to be, for many practical uses, forced in a preindustrial revolution globe and then forced to be relevant. Which we surely would do. Just what may surprise quite a few could be the comfort they might feel though doing so.

In spite of this, most likely it might be advisable to commence with a bit of a less catastrophic approach. Maybe individuals must follow some Hot Tub Advice, and learn the way to significantly better regulate their level regarding everyday pressure with spas and hot tubs, that happen to be an established method of deep rest and stress relief. There may be information on hot tubs available throughout, and even those who lease their particular properties or perhaps that have short space will take advantages of this particular type of strong peace by using inflatable hot tubs.

Prior to Making an Offer on a Property, Get an Evaluation!

The purchase of a residence is really a significant expenditure for any person, and perhaps the biggest outlay of money many people ever make. It happens to be most important, therefore, that they know, well beyond the shadow of a question, the residence via which they are really spending so much money as well as right within which they will will certainly make their future home is sound well beyond the shadow associated with a hesitation. This specific resolve, in conjunction with the affiliated info not to mention information which might be uncovered using a complete home inspection are just what a toronto home inspector is actually qualified to reliably present.

Any time buying this examination of the home, the potential purchaser might be expecting a detailed document on the structure’s existing physical condition including its physical factors, fabrication and stuff like that. The special report should include information regarding any items which show warning signs of wanting to get replaced. Additionally, there ought to be quotes provided for the quantity of helpful life that could moderately be looked for through the house’s principal electric, water system, heat and A/C systems. It needs to be noted that your home inspection really is not the same thing as a home appraisal, which is for your lender.

The intention of a toronto home inspection through dependable residence inspectors such as those at the Solex Group ( is usually to have the prospective consumer know what the complete issue of a house is prior to purchasing. No residence is perfect, but any individual going to generate this type of large purchase has the right to make a qualified decision. Simply by determining the healthiness of the home ahead of time, the purchaser has the capacity to minimize his financial risks. He is furthermore in an improved posture to make the right offer regarding the house.

Practically nothing is much worse compared to getting saddled with a home that seemed appealing, and that turned out to be priced higher than it was worth. Don’t let yourself be ensnared off-guard by residence problems you just didn’t recognize were there. A great assessment covers virtually all prospective problem areas starting at the top to the crawl room, plus all the things in-between. It provides a photo associated with the residence’s health at a offered time. See whether the place that you’re interested in will be sound before you make an offer about it.

Discover Precisely How To Use Added Storage When Remodeling

Many individuals would like to redesign their home yet just are not positive precisely what to do with their particular possessions while the renovation is taking place. In fact, even though one room is being redesigned, they’re going to likely still have to make use of the remainder of the rooms and they may not have anyplace to be able to hold the things when they are renovating. Rather than attempting to discover room in order to hold them within the property, a person could wish to look into self storage caerphilly for assistance.

Lots of storage facilities now offer mobile storage units and this can be great for a person who will be remodeling a space. The mobile unit may be dropped off at their own property before the remodel is scheduled to get started and everything might be packed into it. This will keep the belongings away from the residence, but nonetheless protected from the weather conditions. They are able to have the storage unit left on their own property to allow them to very easily access nearly anything within it or have it moved to the storage facility until the remodel is done so they don’t need to worry about it being in the way.

If perhaps you’re thinking about a remodel and also need a simple way in order to hold your things while the remodel is occurring, look into a mobile self storage unit today. This could be precisely what you are going to need to be able to make the remodel simpler.

Composting At Home

Recycling organic matter into soil conditioning, fertilization and enrichment material requires a process that is known as composting. It’s a technique that uses living organisms to enrich the soil needed by plants in order to grow and stay healthy.

Composting is a healthy and inexpensive way to help the environment as well as cut down on the need for inorganic fertilizers and some types of pesticides. It’s also something that both adults and children can do. To get the best out of composting, it’s necessary to understand how it’s done and what is needed to make it happen.

How Composting Works
Composting is a process that can take weeks or months. It begins with the gathering of organic waste to form the start of a compost pile or compost heap. Fungi, bacteria, worms and other forms of life then consume and process the organic debris into a material called humus, which is rich in essential nutrients, such as carbon, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. When the material is combined with a proper amount of water and access to oxygen, the temperature of the composting material will increase to a potential maximum of 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 66 degrees Celsius. At maximum potential temperature, the composting process will take as little as three weeks, but at lower temperatures, it can take several months.

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Benefits Of Composting

Compost is an effective substitute for commercial fertilizers and in some cases, it can also serve as a natural pesticide and barrier for some plant-based diseases. It contributes to enhanced soil moisture retention as well as higher levels of essential nutrients, which result in higher crop yields.
The process of composting can also clean up the ecosystem by removing toxins and even some types of heavy metals from the environment. Composting is a critical element when it comes to organic farming and sustainable agriculture in general and it’s useful for anything from home gardening to landscaping or farming on a small or large scale. If landscaping or home remodeling in New York, a professional may be able to best apply the compost for maximum growth. While composting is great for home gardeners and home agriculture, it also has a variety of other important benefits. It helps with soil reclamation, fighting sediment runoff and topsoil erosion and creating wetlands to serve as habitats for some types of wildlife. Industrial interests also use compost to cover landfills and to alleviate the cost of disposing of food waste from schools, shopping malls and stadiums.

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What To Use, What Not To Use

Organic waste is the most essential element of composting. It includes a wide variety of organic material that is sorted into classes called “greens” and “browns.” Green organic waste supplies essential amounts of nitrogen and includes fruit and vegetable remnants, young or dead weeds, freshly mowed grass, tea bags and tea leaves, used coffee grounds, leaves, dried flowers and various trimmings from landscaping or yard work. Fresh manure from herbivorous animals like cows, horses and chickens also falls under the “green” category of organic composting materials. Carbon is another necessary part of the composting process and for that element, brown organic matter is necessary: Examples include hair, straw, eggshells, shredded cardboard and sawdust.

There are certain materials, however, that people should not use when composting. These include any cooked foods or manure from carnivorous animals, such as cats. Cat litter should also never be used. Never try to compost diapers or metal, including aluminum, or anything that has chemicals in it. If conducting home renovations in Illinois or wherever you call home, make sure you talk to your contractor about any waste that may or may not be compostable.

There are several factors involved in building a compost pile. The first step is to gather the compost material, or organic waste. Open compost bins are the best for achieving optimal exposure to oxygen, which is a vital element in the process. When it comes to outside or backyard composting, the compost material can be arranged in an open pile, which means it can be placed on the ground; however, more optimal results can be achieved by storing it in a container known as a compost bin. When composting indoors or in areas with limited space, using worms, or vermicomposting, is a good choice to reduce odors. According to Cornell University, the compost mixture should contain a ratio of 30 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen by weight. Larger ratios of carbon to nitrogen mean the compost material will not reach a sufficient temperature, while lower ratios will result in the generation of excess ammonia gas.

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Maintaining The Pile
Part of the composting process involves actively tending to the project. This is because routine rotation will be necessary to keep the mixture properly exposed to oxygen. A container that tumbles or rotates every one to two days will achieve even better results, as it keeps everything properly mixed and exposed to oxygen from the air. Maintaining proper levels of moisture is also important. Compost piles should only be moist, not so wet that they’re dripping with water and this can be achieved by spraying the mixture with a water bottle or lightly with a garden hose. If the compost material is too wet, it’s possible to regulate the moisture level by adding brown materials like shredded cardboard and scraps of used paper towels.

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The Finished Product
Depending on various conditions, the compost may be finished within a matter of weeks or months. When it’s complete and ready for use, the material will be of the same temperature as that of the ambient air. It should crumble in one’s hands and resemble a dark and rich form of dirt, with an earthy scent. There should be no recognizable remnants of the original materials, nor should there be any mold, ammonia scent, or rotten odors.


The Cost To Remove A Tree

As sad as it is, tree removal is part of home ownership. While beautiful landscapes showcase tall, luxurious trees through their front yards, other times, rot or poorly planned electric lines can ruin one’s curb appeal. Therefore, more often than we care to admit, trees must be removed.

Since there are many factors at play, determining the average cost to remove a tree can be complex. Nonetheless, if your trees are not what they once were or have become a safety hazard for you and your family, read below as I will discuss all the factors that determine how much it costs to remove a tree.

Cost to Remove Trees
As we noted in our tree removal cost estimator, there are some homeowners who attempt to complete this project on their own. However, given what’s at stake, especially if the tree is close to the home, we highly recommend hiring a pro.

The average price to remove a tree is $545, but five factors will inflate or deflate that price. Those five factors are:

Based on these factors, we have seen tree removal services run as high as $1,000 or as low as $125. While many landscaping companies will offer tree and shrub removal and trimming services, you may want to consider contacting a dedicated arborist instead. An arborist is a professional who can offer more specialized tree and shrub services, including conservation and maintenance.

Regardless of whom you hire, you will also want to discuss the following answers with your hired professional:

Do you want any stumps left behind to be ground down?
Are you planning to plant a new tree?
Are there rules to cutting down trees in your area?
No matter the answers, discuss them with your landscaping professional before you sign the contract.

Considerations for Tree Removal Cost
Like I said, the average cost will largely depend on five important factors.

Size (Height)

To no surprise, taller trees are more expensive to remove. They demand more work and may require special equipment to not only take it down, but to remove it from the premises as well. According to HomeAdvisor, small trees are 30 feet tall or less, medium trees are between 30 feet and 60 feet and large trees stand 60 feet to 80 feet tall. Very tall trees are 80 feet or taller. Most tree removal services use these size ranges as guidelines for charging.


Certain trees are in worse conditions than others, largely depending on its age, rot and lean. Trees in worse conditions are more expensive, and complicated, to remove.

Below are a few factors that can adversely affect the condition of your tree:

Recent construction near roots
Slight lean of the tree
Exposed roots
Multiple trunks
Weak branches or stump
Cavities or decay of the tree
To keep your tree in great condition, casual maintenance is required. See what it costs with our tree maintenance cost guide.


Tall and thin make for a quick removal process, but short and stout bring a different dimension to the tree removal process. As such, a short or tall thicker tree will almost certainly increase the price of removal. If the trunk must be cut into sections (usually the case for a thicker tree), it will add that much more time to the job.


Needless to say, there are many important structures surrounding many trees, such as electric lines, your home, a neighbor’s home and so on. A tree in a compromised position can add 50% to the total removal cost. Furthermore, trees woven between power lines may require a certified lineman for removal.

Additionally, trees that are very close to the home require more work, driving up the total cost of the removal. If the tree is near a structure, the branches will have to be lowered by rope instead of just being cut loose. Also, cutting down a tree surrounded by trees that you don’t want damaged can complicate the job quite a bit.

Finally, trees in the front yard are usually cheaper to remove than backyard trees. Trucks can’t bypass your home and oftentimes, removal of backyard trees requires a pro to climb the tree. The farther the pro or truck must go, the more expensive the service will be.


Much like the size, the type of wood or tree will have a big effect on the overall price. For instance, oak, which is part of the hardwood family, is a very strong wood and requires more work to remove versus a palm or pine tree. Oak trees can run up to $1,000 to remove, whereas small palm or pine trees can cost as little as $150.

More exact prices are below:

Palm Tree Removal: The average cost to remove a palm tree is approximately $150 to $450 if their height is 30 feet. If they’re 80 feet tall or more, you might spend $1,100 to $1,500.
Pine Tree Removal: The average price to remove a pine tree is around $200 if the tree is 40 feet tall, but 80-foot pine trees will cost about $1,500.
Oak Tree Removal: Since it reaches up to a height of 60 feet, the average cost to remove an oak tree is approximately $200 to $1,000.

Costs of Grinding A Stump
Even after the tree has been removed, the work is not done. Tree stumps are significant eyesores to any yard, front or back. They can not only ruin your chances of selling the home down the line, but also present a substantial safety risk.

A landscape or tree professional can remove large stumps in minutes. According to our tree service cost estimators, the average price to grind down a tree stump ranges between $82 and $139. Other factors that could affect the price include the age of the stump, the condition of the soil, the root system and the hardness of the wood. If you have several stumps to grind, you may be able to bundle them together and reduce the individual price.